Dance Recitals by Dakiki

The Worlds First Automated Dance Recital System

Dakiki is the easiest way for dance studios to sell stunning recital videos to their users. Say goodbye to overpriced videographers and complicated editing software.


Install and Open the Recording Software

Simply download Dakiki from our website, install it on your computer, and open it up. Our user-friendly interface ensures that you can get started in no time.

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Connect Your Camera to the Computer

Attach your camera to your computer using a USB cable or another connection method. Dakiki is compatible with a wide range of camera types.


Load Routines

Easily upload and organize your dance routines in the Dakiki app. This helps the software know how to structure your final video.

Load Routines Dakiki


Record your Recital

With Dakiki, you aren’t limited to specific equipment. Use your choice of camera to capture the magic.


Your Work is Done. The Software Will Do the Rest!

After recording, sit back and relax. Dakiki will automatically generate a full-length video, complete with titles and transitions.

Easy Access for Parents and Loved Ones

Parents can effortlessly open the Dakiki app to access the full-length recital video and each individual performance. No fuss, no confusion - just beautiful memories at their fingertips.

Quick and Magical Results

Dakiki will automatically generate the full-length video, including titles and transitions, and make it available just hours after the last dancer leaves the stage. No more waiting weeks for a cherished keepsake.

Affordable Excellence

We believe in offering premium service without the premium price tag. Compare our pricing and see the Dakiki difference.

1-50 routines

51-100 routines

*If you plan to sell the recital videos we take 0% commission.